Monday, February 8, 2010

Inspiration and Motivation

My mother was one crafty gal.  You name it, and she could do it: sewing, ceramics, make-up (special effects and beauty), and painting, to name a few.  Elaborate, prize-winning Halloween costumes were lovingly (and sometimes begrudgingly) created every fall, complete with full-face makeup; never masks.
In 1995, she swore to never again sew velvet after completing this masterpiece:

Yet only two years later, her sewing machine was abuzz with yards of red velvet as she created my prom dress from a picture in this book of historical costumes, WITHOUT A PATTERN 

I'm indebted to her for my sense of design and style, my love of all things "matchy-matchy", and my appreciation of the homemade and handcrafted.  I dedicate this blog to her.



  1. these cards are so creative and lovely!

  2. pretty cool stuff

  3. your mother is beautiful, if I wasn't already married, I'd like to take her out for a date!