Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ghosts of Projects Past - Royal Flush Valentine

I made this for my husband, Ben, in 2005.  He loves magic, particularly card tricks, so I came up with this hidden mechanism to spread the cards and reveal the message:

The base card (10) was glued to the A2 blank.  I used a small gauge punch to make holes in the lower left corners, joining the playing cards to the base card with a small brad.  I then punched a small hole in the middle right edge of each card, and knotted craft ribbon at equally spaced intervals.  That part took some trial and error, but the effect was fantastic.
In retrospect, I really could have dressed the card up a little more, but it was for a man, and they generally seem to be less than thrilled to find little specks of glitter on their person for weeks.
The greeting inside:  "It's in the cards."

Materials:  Playing cards (there are sooooo many cool decks out there- link to one of many on Amazon below), blank A2 card, construction paper, Aleene's tacky glue, brad, 1/8" ribbon, 
Fiskars hole punch, and, of course, you know, love and sentiment and what-not.

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